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Every Small Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Maintaining data integrity is mission critical in small business environments, yet an alarming number of small businesses in Houston don’t have a disaster recovery plan.

Preservation of your customer transactions, internal documents, reports, employee records, company photos and other sensitive data should not be an area of compromise.

Hard Drive Failure Rates

Hard drive storage capacities have greatly increased in recent years. Incidentally, failure rates are higher today than ever. A Google study shows that a hard drive’s failure rate increases by 300% after its first year. Backblaze did a study that found some Seagate drives to have an average lifespan of 0.8 years! Nearly 700 Million hard drives are produced annually and out of those, more than 10 Million of them will fail within a year.

Data Replication

You can ensure that your data survives the short life span of a hard drive by replicating your data consistently. Consider the mayfly:

…Adult mayflies have some of the shortest life spans, ranging from 30 mins to 24 hours, yet amazingly, their DNA has survived more than 350 Million years on our planet due to rapid reproduction or “replication”…

Similarly, data can be effectively replicated to survive disasters using a combination of mirrored disk arrays, periodic system snapshots, network synchronization, virtualization, and cold storage. Having redundant backups means that your data will survive imminent disasters such as hard drive failures and power surges. When designing your backup mechanism, choosing reliable hardware and software is a critical task that can take hours of research and testing… We specialize in building reliable backup systems for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.


Choosing a Backup Solution

Cloud Storage

Cloud hosting offers protection against theft, fire, flood, and environmental threat. Data is encrypted and stored off-site in a data center. Cloud servers are mirrored, kept on an ultra-redundant power source and are housed in an HVAC facility, safe from weather and natural disaster. Cloud storage is part of a good backup plan, but it’s not recommended as a complete disaster recovery solution, as restoring large data sets over an internet connection can take weeks!

On-site Backups

It’s worth noting that both Amazon’s EC2 Platform as well as Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Servers have lost entire data sets, resulting in complete data loss for hundreds of their customers. Also, cyber attacks are on the rise and we read DAILY about popular services being compromised, resulting in account and data theft. We feel strongly that you should always have ultimate control over where your data is stored, how it’s replicated, and who has access to it.

If your organization is subject to HIPAA regulations, then you probably rely on in-house backups of patient and customer data to minimize liability.

A custom-built NAS (network attached storage) solution can store large amounts of data securely and you can choose to replicate to another device on your local network or to a trusted remote site such as a branch office. An on-premise backup solution provides quick restoration from disasters, is highly scalable and can be placed behind your company’s firewall, instead of in a public cloud where it can be a prime target for cyber attacks.

Our Network Attached Storage and Backup Solutions require NO licensing or subscription fees, and are fully automated, redundant and self-replicating. Monitored for health and consistency, they require very little maintenance. We build from server grade parts and use ZFS volume management for its enterprise-level features such as file system snapshots, scalability, and encryption. Contact us today and we’ll design a reliable backup plan for your organization so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

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